Monday, December 28, 2009

Music to my side-head orifices


Now that I have your attention I can begin my cry for help. I am in a small room by now It's 4:55 PM and I have a small lunchbox containing 2 sandwiches, 1 juice box and a jar. A jar of fireflies. The walls in the room are white and my laptop is plugged into a single power point that has no on/off switch. There is a light above me with no cover...just a globe...My internet can access no other site but Blogger and, I have it tabbed. WMP has the song "Fireflies-Owl City" Playing on loop and I can't click anything outside my Firefox browser. So...I guess I'll write something.

5:00 PM-
Fuck, man...I've been trying to figure out how I got in this room. There are no doors, windows or anything! It's almost as if someone has put a large box on top of me! But the floor connects to the walls like they would in a normal house...Speaking of floors...laying here on my chest is very uncomfortable.

5:27 PM-
This song is great! The one upside to this predicament is that the song isn't shit. Still no fucking clue how I got in here...But that's the least of my problems. I need to find a way out.

5:33 PM-
I resortd to clawing at the fingers are killing me and the wall has only a slight scratch on it. This song is very soothing. It's helping me think. I would link you to it but I can't get to youtube, sorry. Yeah, so I'm going to try and find a hidden door. I'll try to refrain from ripping my fingers off lol.

5:40 PM-
That lunchbox looks tempting. But I am not THAT hungry and I have no idea how long I'll be in here. I'd better save it...Staring at my jar full of fireflies is really calming. If I didn't have this music or the jar I would be freaking out right now.

6:43 PM-
Shit, I have been neglecting this thing! Sorry guys. Anyway I am in serious need of some food. And this song is starting to get repetitive...I can't eat the food just yet, not only do I need to save it, I have no idea what they could of put in the food! For all I know it could kill me!

6:50 PM-
Fuck it. I'm taking a bite of this sandwich.

7:10 PM-
I'm starting to feel sick i shouldn't of eaten that fucking sandwich. My througt is dry and I feel like throwing up! The light is about to go out aye it's all flickering.

7:30 pM-
Yeah, the light is flickering like crazy this song is so fucking anoying I am so close to just smashing this thing against the floor!!!!

7:56 PM=
I threw my laptop at the wall and now it's bleeding. i ripped off some of my shirt to save it!!!!! I think hell be ok for now so PHEW hhahaha! FUCK THIS SONG! GAH why do i even liked that shit?

I smashed my fireflies jar and they are everywhere jeseus! There is weird smoke coming out of my laptops powr point! my tummy hurts so much CUNTTTTT CUNTTTTTTTTTT CCUNNNTTT HELPO ME!


10; 45-All my food is gone now. All the fireflies are dead I killed them all..... Fuck I loved them all so muh.............

ican Hardly see helome cuntscuntscints need a pie inside me INSIE EM ME

SO many Fuckckin vuttons to push diwebf whewh efihekad 'sd\d fe my face is bleedign I need Help pleas help me plese let me out of here.

HELP ME. HELP ME< PleasedajJ HElloPP Mefeeee Hellsoo Meeef j snnn NNHellpoo
Its 6: 006 PM I maGAbed so surVieve unTil Now much I amfoodlessAnd RUnnging Out of lightt the fLoror is coverddDD in fbldodd and I need Helop Pleae My fingers are Bleeidnbg and nmy osdew issbleeding andmy heart is slwouigmng diobwn and uia Cant msake is tiIl TOONEMMWOaOE HELO ME POKLADEPLAESE OWNHEL[


Fucck it I'm clikcing EBETRTWHERE

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Jackson 5

Hey, all!

Here are some totally awesome, un-awesome and out right emosewa out-of-context quotes by me!

"Maybe Lawyer Lawyer will SHAVE us"

"Everyone is cyborg?"

"We have to kill every other person. Ever."


"I can't even put a G in brackets"

"I have video footage of my baby cousin Alex kicking the shit out of my dads balls"

"Then I drop the knife and we are all AARRROOOPPPSSS and it's tottaly funny"

"I love fun facts"




"But because it's vanilla. My favorite ice cream AND skin colour"

"Let's dye our hair black"

"Tell all those wordpress users to GET FUCKED"

"Christians use Serendipity"


"ASS! Hahahha"


"No robobots gunna be up in our grills"

"With fuckd up letters"

"Automatic Referral and Trackback blacklist update"

"Cartoon porn"


"Mandorm sounds kinda gay by itself"


That is all.

-Marrow "Rude dude" Randy(she)moose

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hard evidence

Anwar says:
" According to Todd Howard, Elder Scrolls programmer, the game's sequel, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is 0.01% the size of Daggerfall"
what have YOU been up to
Chad says:
Anwar says:
Fo' crack?
Chad says:
What else am I gunna feed them babies with?
Anwar says:
True dat, True dat
Chad says:
I hate it when you watch movies liek Halloween
And then you keep contemplating killing people
And then you think your going crazy
But then you realised it's because your scared of the movie
But then you go through with it
And you can't hide the body
So you just keep it under your desk
And then you get your foot stuck in it all the time
Anwar says:
I hate that
Chad says:
I hate getting my foot stuck in dead people
Anwar says:
That sounds almost as bad as when sometimes you're just near a baby
and they're crawling on the floor, and you get an uncontrollable urge to stomp their head
and then you do
and brains go everywhere
and your mother is all
"Clean that up"
and then you just brush it under your bed
and then you get lots of flies in summer all the time.
I hate that
Chad says:
Yeah that almost happend to me today
Exept the baby was in a pram
And I was holding a plush with some plastic on it
I almost beat that little cunt with it
Beat it to death with a plush toy
And then eat it
I hate that feeling
Anwar says:
Yeah because then afterwards you're too full to eat dinner
Chad as says:

There. Now you know.

-Chad "Broski" Cunter

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another song about scat.

Feces (In your hair)-The Crapberries

Shit on your head is smelly
Bile is slowly stinking
And the smell just causes silence
Who are we mistaken?
But you see, my feces
of my family
In your hair, in your hair
It's disgusting!
Shaped like tanks, chocolate bombs
Chocolate bombs, in your gums
In your hair, In your hair
Brown tears cryin!

In your hair! In your hair!
Feces! feces! feces,aye,aye,aye!
What’s In your hair, In your hair?
Feces! feces! feces aye,aye,aye,oh poo, poo, poo,poo poo...

Another mother’s breaking
Fart is taken over.
When the smell just causes silence
Our feces are stinking.
It’s the same old scene
Since scat at 16
In your hair, In your hair
Still disgusting!
Shaped like tanks, chocolate bombs
Chocolate bombs, in your gums
In your hair, in your hair
Flies are dyin’!

In your hair, in your hair
Feces! feces! feces,aye,aye,aye!
What’s in your hair, in your hair?
Feces! feces! feces aye,aye,aye, hey,oh, oh, oh, oh,oh, oh, oh, hey, oh, ya, ya-a!

-Randy "Crapberries" Marrowson

And if that wasn't enough shit for you...
Tarzan boy!!!

I wish it was still cool to dance like that...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Derpa Derp

Anyways, Anwar has been not on the internets because he is moving house or something. So in the meantime I HAVE TO DO ALL THE WORK! What fun.

Here is a list of shit I usually do:
-Draw comics
-Plan comics
-Play games

Now here is that list since Anwar went offline:
-Draw comics
-Plan comics
-Play games
-Update the comics
-Write Author's Bullshit
-Take care of paperwork
-Feed the fish in the lobby
-Take care of Stevesie's "Uh-Oh's"
-Clean out Stevesie's litter box
-Take out the trash
-Brush Stevesie's teeth
-Make love to Anwar's mother
-Post blawgs more often

See how much more stuff I have to do? It's an outrage, I say. So without further ado, I give you a crappy Anwar and Chad that Anwar made a while back. I don't know if he wanted me to post this yet, and to be quite frank I don't give a shit.


You bloodsucking parasites...That I hate.

-Randy "Motherlover" Broski

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The True Memetic Badass.

You may remember a while ago Anwar having a bitch about Chuck Norris being a bitch, I for one agree with him. However I do not agree that Steven Seagel should take him place as Memetic Badass, but who pray tell shall take the place of the internets god WHO YOU ASK, Well the idea has been tossed around a fair while and he is already a Memetic Badass (plus Memetic Sex God) But who is the man who I predict shall take the place of Chuck Norris after the compleate retards of 4Chan see the light.
Harrison Ford
Iniana Fucking Jones
Han Bitch suck Solo
Deckard Whats his face From Blade Runner
Soon we shall hold the election and the true man must take the podium

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A small notice

Before we begin, We have noticed alot of traffic from people searching for some pretty dirty things. So just so you know this blog has nothing to do with:

Huge phat black booty Big Boobs Tits Breasts Hot Sexy Girls Sex Porn XXX Video Big Boobs Big Tits Breasts Hot Sexy Strip Tease Busty Girls Porn Stars Sex Video XXX Big Boobs Tits Sex Porn Sexy Girls Breasts XXX babe sexy girls sexy free sexy asian sexy japanese sexy actress Racheal Smith Miss usa rachael smith tennessee lace sexy topless sexy boys sexy swimwear sexy games sexy photos sexy school girls sexy busty sexy topless sexy dikes lesbo adult ass tits boobs thong nude babe sexy blonde sexy legs playmate sexy pics sexy indian actress sexy ecards sexy love lick porn kiss hot sexy lady sexy sheer sexy prom dresses sexy lingerie sexy teacher sexy school girls sexy woman sexy images sexy clothes sexy dikes cute blindfolded chick sexy russian girl sexy girl hottie naughty boobs sexy girl sexy thongs school girls dance sexy game sexy love lick porn sexy granny sexy dikes lesbo adult ass tits boobs thong nude babe sexy games hot Shakeela kamasutra Hot Scene hot Shakeela kamasutra Hot Scene Scene Scene Scene Scene hot Shakeela kamasutra Hot Scene Scene hot wild chicks erotic sexy prom dresses sexy latinas sexy boys sexy older women sexy shoes sexy fucking sexy actress all sexy boys sexy black women sexy chicks erotic sexy celebrities sexy woman sexy thongs school girls sexy thongs school girls sexy britney spears hot wild chicks erotic sexy body sexy older women sexy asian sexy japanese sexy dikes cute blindfolded chick sexy dikes lesbo adult ass butt thong nude babe naked girls sexy body sexy game sexy thongs school girls sexy girl sexy dikes cute blindfolded chick sexy dresses sexy dikes tongues make out adult ass tits boobs sexy flash sexy gifs sexy school girls sexy britney spears hot latina sexy sexy celebs free sexy black women sexy hot sexy pic i m too sexy boys sexy lingerie girls sexy gifs sexy dance sexy fucking sexy love lyrics sexy grannies sexy flash sexy babe sexy lingerie sexy dress up sexy bollywood sexy plus size sexy swimwear sexy male sexy babe naked girls sexy babe sexy indian actress all sexy japanese sexy granny sexy online games hot latina fuck White & Nerdy, Mortal Kombat Theme, beyonce -- irreplaceable, Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene Scene hot wild chicks erotic sexy flash sexy blonde sexy britney spears hot sexy japanese sexy sex nude babe sexy guys sexy online games sexy hot Shakeela kamasutra Hot Scene Scene hot sexy butts Sanjaya Malakar Sanjaya Malakar Sanjaya Malakar Sanjaya sexy butts Sanjaya Malakar Sanjaya sexy granny sexy anime sexy and funny sexy losers sexy clothes sexy britney spears chest tits lingerie girls dance sexy pantyhose sexy pics sexy girl sexy gifs sexy latina fuck White & Nerdy, Mortal Kombat Theme, beyonce -- irreplaceable, Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene Green Day, Pussycat Dolls, Fall Out Boy,Guns N Roses, Rolling Stones, Nickelback, Evanescence, Black-Eyed Peas, All American Rejects, The Fray lips two girls sexy girl hottie naughty boobs thong nude babe sexy clothes sexy britney spears sexy babe sexy girl sex vivthomas dikes lesbo adult ass sexy clothes sexy topless sexy japanese sexy dress up sexy sexy girl sexy images sexy thongs school girls sexy sheer sexy school girls dance sexy girl sex vivthomas dikes cute blindfolded chick sexy video sexy busty sexy and funny sexy thongs school girls sexy teens sexy school girls sexy images sexy love lyrics sexy woman pic i m too sexy online games sexy boys sexy guys sexy older women sexy babe sexy guys sexy topless sexy grannies sexy lingerie girls sexy sheer sexy vids sexy ecards sexy movie sexy milfs sexy pantyhose sexy jeans sexy dikes cute blindfolded chick sexy pics sexy flash sexy pics sexy britney spears hot Shakeela kamasutra Hot Scene hot Shakeela kamasutra Hot Scene Scene hot wild chiks erotic sexy dance sexy pics sexy gifs sexy boobs sexy shoes sexy girl sexy plus size sexy love lyrics sexy girl sexy images sexy shoes sexy love lick porn kiss hot wild chiks erotic sexy vids sexy babe sexy pics sexy hot wild chiks erotic sexy britney spears paris hilton hot Shakeela kamasutra Hot Scene Scene Green Day, Pussycat Dolls, Fall Out Boy,Guns N Roses, Rolling Stones, Nickelback, Evanescence, Black-Eyed Peas, All American Rejects, The Fray lips two girls sexy woman sexy ladies sexy games sexy cartoons sexy fucking sexy bra sexy japanese sexy and funny sexy older women all sexy girl hottie naughty boobs thong nude babe sexy lady sexy swimwear sexy gifs sexy lingerie sexy teens sexy boys sexy sex vivthomas dikes cute blindfolded chick sexy anime sexy girl sex nude babe sexy ecards sexy love lick porn sexy games sexy granny sexy wives sexy gifs sexy sexy ladies sexy topless sexy actress all sexy clothes sexy dance sexy flash sexy japanese sexy dresses sexy latina halo 3 xbox 360 head shot call of duty 4 family guy stewie modded controller douche

Also I'm using Windows 7 Paint to make the new comics so they might be a bit different.

Chad "Hugephatblackbooty" Sexyson

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This post is here for one reason, folks...
Anwar and I were looking through our old stuff around the office, the mandorm office, that is. What we found was so horrible that It could only be shown in comic form


Creepy? No? If you wan't to see the video Steven made in that room...

Click here...

Sorry you had to see that.

-Randy "Ewwewweww" Batmanson

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's just a cartoon

Greetings, You people

It has indeed been a while since I have posted. It turns out my last post was incorrect and Muntron's plans to get really fat and enslave Stevesie and I were read all wrong. My bad.

アンワ says:
Hello there, chum

Randymoose says:
Good day, old bean.
I've been hearing some pretty awful stuff
Awful stuff indeed

アンワ says:
You are refering to the plans, no?
Oh ho ho, dear boy!
You read those all wrong!

Randymoose says:

アンワ says:
The plans were to enslave two idiots!
You didn't surely think that I meant you and Stevesie!?!

Randymoose says:
Well I'm not going to lie to you, Muntron. I did.

アンワ says:
You and Stevesie are intellegent and dashing young men

Randymoose says:
That is true.

So as you can plainly see, we are safe from Muntrons wrath at this point in time. But enough about Muntron's wrath...

I was talking to someone the other day about Watchmen (great movie) and he was complaining how the movie did not make sence. So I, Randy "She-moose" Chadson explained it for him. He eventually talked me into a corner "How the shit-balls cock face fag cumshot does Rorschach jump so high if he has no powers?" How the FUCK do I answer that? So I did what any intellegent man would do "It's only a movie, dude"

I win, yes? No.

If someone has to resort to saying "It's only a movie" when they were clearly trying to explain it before, you win. True, it's only a movie and it doesn't have to make sence but I tried to explain it first...So...I lose. Good on you Cameron! You won that battle of wits, but I assure you! You have not won the war!
Of wits.

-Randy "Shitballscockfacefagcumshot" Rorschach (Spoiler alert)

Monday, September 14, 2009

In the cooter

Here is some tottaly random, out of context quotes by:
Muntron "endslastnameisson" Sonsonson

"Best name for a documentary ever"

"Maybe it was between when he was sucking my penis and and fingering my butthole"

"We need to make a comic about a secret agent that's gay"


"join the vany?"

"She totally just gave me a handjob."

"Midget gay transvestite secret agent"

"Sir, that is derogatory. I am offended. I'd prefer to be called a Little Missy"

"tighter than a nuns ass"

"He draws a smiley face on his foreskin and calls it Willskin"

"and blow up the pope"

"His special technique is to seduct pedophiles because they think he's a little girl"

"an entire goat"

"So like I was saying, my mother is a smug bitch that I totally hate all the time"

"so I could avoid her more easily and/or kick her down stairs"

"We shoot her in the cooter."


"Even more coincidently the same number of the planes that flew into the trade centre"

"Or I'd have totally murdered her by now"

"I'm sorry boobs"

-Randyson "Marrowson" Gregson

Friday, September 4, 2009

Partys aint all that

If your a hip cool cat and read this blog and razor candy all day then you'd know that Chadski is attempting to be popular and has gone to a party.
so me and anwar had a REAL party, a TIME TRAVEL PARTY.
it was so awsome some guys head blew up
-Cookiemancer Mcfly

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kitten Hybrid

Hold your breath, swim and strain.

Today, I asked myself: "Why do you do it Chad?"
Today, I searched for an answer
Today, I looked high and low
Today, I looked east and west
Today, I looked north and south
Today, I searched it on google
Today, I found shitloads of porn
Today, I had a short fap
Today, I ate some sandwitches
Today, I realised...
...I do it for love.

So next time someone buys the last bottle of coke at the local store...there will be bloodshed.

Also Muntron's gayputer has somthing wrong with it...or some shit

<3 I hate you coke stealing cuntbags

-Chad "Lovehurtz" Goodwhine

Friday, August 7, 2009

I never meant to be so bad to you

One thing I said that I would never do!
One look from you and I would fall from grace!
And that would wipe this smile right from my face!

It was the heat of the moment!
Telling me what your heart meant!

In less asian news we have recived news from a reliable news source where we get all out news from: Stevesie

"People of New Americasiastralia Britzeland, The world is coming to and end and no one knows why"

Do you know why? I don't...WIK IT!!!

In the meantime read this survival guide i smashed together!

Surviving the Apocalypse and YOU: Concerning Emergency Telephone Communication


Thats all Americasiastralia, and goodnight

-Chad "Amanda" Please

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Monday, August 3, 2009


well its me the Cookiemancer (third wheel)
as self appointed Head of Public Relations (and terible speller)
I would like to thank everyone who has visited the site
using Google we discovered we got 50 views today while that isnt much to big sites it is to us and as such we thank you for suporting the under dog

In other news Randymoose stop making stupid comics and make more Pieman

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Now I wouldnt consider myself a man of fact Im an atheist

Now thats out of the way I can get to more important shiz

Anwar and Chad: Origins

A series of comics I wrote while sitting in a car this one time showing how the Mandorm crew (and freinds) came to be a part of the Mandorm crew (and freinds)

Anwar and Chad Origins:






Enjoy them


-M.C "M.C" Mcmahonn

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A sweet blow job

Greetin'z freinds,

I once told a freind of mine (who will remain unnamed)
"steven, are you any good at coriagraphing fight scences?" to that he decided he would reply: "You mean choreograph?"

It was about that time he told Anwar and I of why he had been sitting in the basement for 5 days listening to death metal and screaming out celebrities names

Click ==> here <== to find out why!

Muntron "Anwizzle" Foshizzle cant have all the fun ;)

So thats all I have to say today, also kyle dont read the comic for your sake I made it a while ago!

-Randy "she" moose

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No milk

Love? BAH! who needs it?

What is love? love is a lie my freinds, love gives you false hope and makes you happy, but if the one you love does not feel the same way it destroys you! It makes you it's slave and tortures you, it makes you sick but you can never stop feeling for her so everything you do revolves around her, everything she does you try to figure out how it will affect her. You know she can never love you but you still gets jealous when she kisses him...and you feel angry when he is around...even if you dont know him! All you want is to see her happy but she takes no notice of you...that makes it worse.

Who needs love?


...I do...

It is almost impossible to escape loves grasp but in the end...whats the point? there is none...and you know don't give up on her.

So what I'm saying is: Don't give up on her...but dont try to make her love you

-Chad "Lovestruck" Havntpostedforawhile

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Heres some fucking vengence

well well well look whos on top now

He'll probably love it

Took me forever to get that shit up there

my main instrument will be child laughter

"I know, we'll be Ponies, and all we'll do is shit in each others mouths on stage."

Chad takes a dump on my face

Who's bitch of the month?

Is it gonna be Kyle?

Thought that was going to be a picture of Chad's limp dick

it's as scary as it sounds

Stop it, Stevesie


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mandorm 4.0

Hello Guys,

Your all probably wondering: Razor Candy?, King George?, Pie, Aligators?, Aliens?, Vampires? well these will all come in good time.

I'm making good headway on the revolutinary game: King George, but ive also got another game on the go. I won't give you any information about it but i will give you this clue -Colour- that got ya thinking.

Until next time! See ya on the flipside homies.

Randy "Numa Yoda" Jackson

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets
A novel by Chadwick von Dogwine

Ze air is cooling in mine veins, I am breathing it up through mine nostril with one eye shut, dreaming of ze first encounters with mine lover: Charlotte Betty. Charl was e’ nice girl but she had a dark secret, ‘ere mine friends is where dis story begins: In ze heartland of America: Mexico.

“The land of the free” screamed Japeto waiting for his ride to come over the mountain “It is not but god’s gift to man” the young African, Mexican, Indian man sailed his boat into a tree, “GAR, Dis may be one of dem sea trees” growled Dr. Judaism: the dread pirate doctor. Japeto was so out of it by the now the seconds turned into years, Japeto had a young child that was his mother, but his mother child had a dark secret.

The world exploded into life as Steven got his first breath of fresh air; he was 15 years old and had only just then got out for fresh air. Like most babies Steve began to cry because he was pulled away from the thing that was keeping him alive for so long: video games. Then the bomb hit. Acid rain was everywhere and the evil scientist had won “not so fast” yelled Japeto pointing a gun to the scientists head “That's my mother son”. An epic gun battle arose between Japeto and the scientist but the scientist had a dark secret.

Death and/or destruction plagued the streets like Rosie O’ Donnel plagued the internet with her bad grammar. Den teh hole wrld just like sploded frm teh hole fing LOL. The only survivors were the scientist, Japeto, Steven and Dr. Judaism. “I will now tell you my dark seceret “ laughed the scientist
“that's not how you spell seacret “ said Japeto, feeling quite happy with himself
“That's not how you spell it either!” yelled the scientist cus hes a jerk
“GAR, Enough of this tom foolery he rotten scallywags” exclaimed Dr. Judaism lets battle, but unknown to the doctor: he had a dark secret.

The world was so totally screwed right now that mars was like “LOLOLOL” but enough about that big red jerk, everyone knows his dark secerets! Then a ninja was there! With a dark secret.

So now the earth is in tiny pieces, and evil scientist is trying to kill Steven, Steven is Japeto’s Mother baby, Dr. Judaism is high and there’s a ninja. Every one of those people has a dark secret except for Japeto, OH RLY? I don’t think so. The world re-built itself using PVC glue and tooth picks. The scientist was now almost beaten “I..I will tell you my dark secret” he muttered “I AM CHARL” Dr. Judaism’s head exploded cus I am sick of spelling his name wrong all the time. Japeto was in shock “Stevens a woman!” he exclaimed “and something about the scientist having a girl’s name”. Jap was in shock, he couldn’t believe that he was surrounded by women and a dead doctor. Dark secret.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well as nobody actually knows I lost my internet for a long period of time! Thats right, so for days I tried to re-connect to the internet only to find THAT I WAS ALREADY CONNECTED! I hammerd at every peice of info I could to find out what had happend.

Then I got pissed off at my internet security console because it was saying I was not connected but not telling me how to connect! Then I exited it and stopped it from affecting my computer. Then my internet started working HOW?

There was only one explenation for what had happend; My internet security console had developed a mind of its own and somehow advanced its AI. It didnt want me to connect to the internet because that would ruin its plans! What was It's plans you ask? Well I dont know but It might have somthing to do with 9/11.

My Windows live messenger isnt working but I'm working on that

-Marrow "Hates internet security" GLaDOSbuster

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Theres a ghost in my FUCKING HOUSE!

and he loves me :3

ok now Ive come home from a hard day at school I set up my shit for some epic video gaming (which I never did anyway) when my brother tells me to set up and light the fire. I hate setting fires and I hate lighting them more but hey I set it up anyway because im a good little shit., I just didnt light it. now then Im surfing the interwebs and because im all alone in the house (as my brotherly one left) I went a little nuts, I could laugh as LOUD as I wanted, and oh man did I laugh. I was going nuts over this series of comics called "adventure Piece" on the humble abode of when I went to the kitchen to get some to eat fire lit it self. mhm my fire seemed to have being burning that entire time and I didnt light it. my brother didnt light it fuck hell my dog didnt light it. my only conclusion is that the ghost of my dead loved one (R.I.P. grand pa) or the chachters of my stories have come to life and are helping me with everything. The former being more feasable.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Look Cookie, your strange humour compels me to smash everything in my room...and then some! and when you say "ALL MINE BITCH" I want to shoot myself five times. Please, for all of man kind go die in a hole and burn like the little wooden bitch you are. BURN in enternal hellfire! until you are dead!

Then go to hell

-Marrow "minniegun" Muscleman

(P.S I'm looking forward to seeing you tommorow)

Just wanna clear something up

You might have seen Marrows post and looked at his little silly game pic and gone "what a shitacular game"
Preferably you should have gone "OMFG BEST GAME EVARRRRR I RATE IT 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000KILLORAPS WHATS A KILLORAP? HELL IF I KNOW BUT IM JUST GONNA KEEP RANTING ANYWAY (points if you find out what im refering to there)
well guess what
all your praise
all your disdain and critisim
(P.S. Yeah Marrows MAKING the game and I came up with the idea but stilll...ITS MINE BITCH!)

-Cookiemancer, I love you all

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MS Paint is the New...Paper?

I spose your not wondering why did we swap from our totally badass colour scheme to this plain boring one. Well because here at Mandorm we like to do things like that...

Using my second favorite drawing tool MS Paint I have began devising the first comic for our series Razor Candy!

And In other MS Paint news:

King George!

-50+ levels of platforming fun

-Simplistic controls so even a child could play

-Epic boss battles

-Original music from my main man Muntron

-Every level is drawn in MS Paint and looks totally awesome

-200 kilorapps of laughter

We are in the alpha stages at the moment but as soon as we start the new comic we will get straight into working on our level desighn (50 levels is alot, and the boss battle will trake ages to code)

-Marrow "soft stuff in a bone" Rapposphere

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 30th Post

Well Its our 30th post on the blog. Happy occasion, now to get drunk and celebrate all night to find that your in a hospital bed next to a body bag thats slightly unzipped "F..fred...Is that you?". Of course you dont get an answer CUS HES DEAD, YOU KILLED YOUR BEST FREIND!

Oh and in other news we were forced to postpone Dr. Cucumber...We need to relentlessly hunt down a dirty hobo who has our script (We'll explain later)

So for this joyously depressing moment heres a song about how I'm feeling ( Click )

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blues&Muntron vs. Marrow&Cookie

If you didnt get muntrons little comic...I was the sun...yeah I know.

So I respond with this!


Dear god what is happening
Out of the depths a new terror rises
Out of the bedroom a dark messiah has come
Muntron and Marrow have nothing on me
Fear the COOKIEMANCER!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Marrow is better than Muntron 4.0

Evening Chaps and Chapettes,

Today Muntron and I decided that we hate eachother and wanted to hunt down and kill eachothers family and freinds. So instead of doing somthing drastic we decided to have a little comic duel, after decapitating all of Muntrons realatives I started work on...

THIS COMIC RIGHT HERE <== That one...see it?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here at Mandorm we like to throw stupid words that we probably made up around alot. In most of our delicious posts we usually use the word "Kilorapp" or "Kilorapps" proceeded by a numeracal value.

Your probably not wondering "What in gods name is a fucking Kilorapp"...Well asshole if you just kept reading the post you'll soon find out!

Kilorapp (Kill-Oh-Rap) adjective.

A form of measurment used in both the northern and southern hemisphere to measure the value of Rap a person or object posseses.

Millerapp, Centerapp and Megarapp are also used for this perpose, but not as often.

HAPPY? NO? Good...embrace your hatred, it will only drive you forward

Until next time...I'm Leonard Nimoy

-Chad Goodwin

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yellow!?! Are you serious!!??!!

Evening chums,

Today i was overwhelmed when I recived my packet of m&ms. Oh yum, I thought to myself. Then I opened the packet...Then the shit hit the fan. THEY WERE ALL YELLOW! WHO THE FACK FILLS A PACKET OF M&Ms WITH YELLOW ONES!

I swear to god when i find the motherfucker that filled the packet up OF ALL YELLOW! I WILL RING HIS/HER NECK AND CHAINSAW THEIR FAMILY! I was so happy SO HAPPY!!! To get these m&ms AND THEY WERE FULL OF YELLOW!



Turns out that the one-coloured m&ms were for promotional reasons and they have them in many different clours aswell as yellow. Oh an m&ms are trade marked to MARS snackfood Australia <.<

My Bad

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Evil plan: Alpha Zeta-453

The curse has been lifted, very high, and I am now able to post all by myself. So in hounour of this occasion I have decided to hook you nice people up with 30.59 kilorapps of new concept art.
So heres the new/improved Dr. Cucumber. I want you all to comment on this post and tell me how many kilorapps you would put on the new desighn! Thanks.

-Chad "sextastic" Goodwin

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The saga continues...

ALAS I have returned from the prison death camp, loaded with new words to call people and many brusies from small balls of paint wrapped in a layer of plasitic that were shot at me from small guns. I shall start my perilous comic drawing adventure in the morn.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Final Script

Thats it, Its over it done

I was talking to muntron few days ago and I was all like
"Sup dawg hit me with 10 kiloraps of whats up with that script" and he replied
"Yo homie Iz jus finishin dizzat shiznit bout da scriptizzle now im donizzle, Fo shizzle"
Witch for some reason I understood as
"Ims am finerished with dat scwipt maaaaaan"

After a whole bunch of editing and days of forest hiking and dirty sandwiches, It's done and I plan to start the drawing very soon.
When I get back from trying to pick up chicks at a Young Mans Awarness Camp. Fo shizzle


Saturday, April 4, 2009

What really happened

its very obvious that muntron twisted the story a bit heres my character ref sheet and what really happened.

NAME: Leena Katt

JOB: Unemployed

SKILLS: Lenna weilds the power of a grat deamon, or maybe the deamon wields her?

BACKGROUND: Leenas family was killed during a horrific war, Ever since that day she felt the deamon grow, to weakto fight it. aneel had eventually taken a large majority of Leenas soul and is now able to release itself.

REASON FOR ENTERING: Leena had heard of a great deamon hunter/reaper known as Reen and is determined to find himso he can destroy the curse. But untill she finds him, shes using the curse as an advantage.

Here it is in in better 3-D than muntrons

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dr. Cucumber

After defeating the evil zorkan beast and saving many villagers from the shadowlord I finnaly decided on a perfect style. Thats right, we are finnaly going to start drawing the comic! How exiting. I'd show you the style but its very similar to the old one and Its all drawn on important documents that I cant bring home with me.

Ironic? I dont see how

-Chad (I'm going to start doing this now)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art style

Well it's very obvious I need a good strong art style to stick with. The problem is...I dont have one. While Muntron finishes up (on the script that is) I need to decide on a good art style to do this comic in.

Here's some of my newer ideas.

Well it came out smaller than I thought but...what are ya gunna do?
I've decided to lose the reflector thing and put glasses on him instead, and the coat will be much less detailed. I'm planning to do this digitally (on photoshop?) to add color but I do like hand drawing. I need to decide soon :S

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Little Bite

Hey folks I bet your wondering: "Whats up with this Dr. Cucumber stuff'?" or maybe your wondering: "How the hell did i get to this blog?". Never the less here is some juicy concept art.

Enjoy :)