Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hard evidence

Anwar says:
" According to Todd Howard, Elder Scrolls programmer, the game's sequel, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is 0.01% the size of Daggerfall"
what have YOU been up to
Chad says:
Anwar says:
Fo' crack?
Chad says:
What else am I gunna feed them babies with?
Anwar says:
True dat, True dat
Chad says:
I hate it when you watch movies liek Halloween
And then you keep contemplating killing people
And then you think your going crazy
But then you realised it's because your scared of the movie
But then you go through with it
And you can't hide the body
So you just keep it under your desk
And then you get your foot stuck in it all the time
Anwar says:
I hate that
Chad says:
I hate getting my foot stuck in dead people
Anwar says:
That sounds almost as bad as when sometimes you're just near a baby
and they're crawling on the floor, and you get an uncontrollable urge to stomp their head
and then you do
and brains go everywhere
and your mother is all
"Clean that up"
and then you just brush it under your bed
and then you get lots of flies in summer all the time.
I hate that
Chad says:
Yeah that almost happend to me today
Exept the baby was in a pram
And I was holding a plush with some plastic on it
I almost beat that little cunt with it
Beat it to death with a plush toy
And then eat it
I hate that feeling
Anwar says:
Yeah because then afterwards you're too full to eat dinner
Chad as says:

There. Now you know.

-Chad "Broski" Cunter

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