Monday, September 14, 2009

In the cooter

Here is some tottaly random, out of context quotes by:
Muntron "endslastnameisson" Sonsonson

"Best name for a documentary ever"

"Maybe it was between when he was sucking my penis and and fingering my butthole"

"We need to make a comic about a secret agent that's gay"


"join the vany?"

"She totally just gave me a handjob."

"Midget gay transvestite secret agent"

"Sir, that is derogatory. I am offended. I'd prefer to be called a Little Missy"

"tighter than a nuns ass"

"He draws a smiley face on his foreskin and calls it Willskin"

"and blow up the pope"

"His special technique is to seduct pedophiles because they think he's a little girl"

"an entire goat"

"So like I was saying, my mother is a smug bitch that I totally hate all the time"

"so I could avoid her more easily and/or kick her down stairs"

"We shoot her in the cooter."


"Even more coincidently the same number of the planes that flew into the trade centre"

"Or I'd have totally murdered her by now"

"I'm sorry boobs"

-Randyson "Marrowson" Gregson

Friday, September 4, 2009

Partys aint all that

If your a hip cool cat and read this blog and razor candy all day then you'd know that Chadski is attempting to be popular and has gone to a party.
so me and anwar had a REAL party, a TIME TRAVEL PARTY.
it was so awsome some guys head blew up
-Cookiemancer Mcfly