Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well as nobody actually knows I lost my internet for a long period of time! Thats right, so for days I tried to re-connect to the internet only to find THAT I WAS ALREADY CONNECTED! I hammerd at every peice of info I could to find out what had happend.

Then I got pissed off at my internet security console because it was saying I was not connected but not telling me how to connect! Then I exited it and stopped it from affecting my computer. Then my internet started working HOW?

There was only one explenation for what had happend; My internet security console had developed a mind of its own and somehow advanced its AI. It didnt want me to connect to the internet because that would ruin its plans! What was It's plans you ask? Well I dont know but It might have somthing to do with 9/11.

My Windows live messenger isnt working but I'm working on that

-Marrow "Hates internet security" GLaDOSbuster

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Theres a ghost in my FUCKING HOUSE!

and he loves me :3

ok now Ive come home from a hard day at school I set up my shit for some epic video gaming (which I never did anyway) when my brother tells me to set up and light the fire. I hate setting fires and I hate lighting them more but hey I set it up anyway because im a good little shit., I just didnt light it. now then Im surfing the interwebs and because im all alone in the house (as my brotherly one left) I went a little nuts, I could laugh as LOUD as I wanted, and oh man did I laugh. I was going nuts over this series of comics called "adventure Piece" on the humble abode of when I went to the kitchen to get some to eat fire lit it self. mhm my fire seemed to have being burning that entire time and I didnt light it. my brother didnt light it fuck hell my dog didnt light it. my only conclusion is that the ghost of my dead loved one (R.I.P. grand pa) or the chachters of my stories have come to life and are helping me with everything. The former being more feasable.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Look Cookie, your strange humour compels me to smash everything in my room...and then some! and when you say "ALL MINE BITCH" I want to shoot myself five times. Please, for all of man kind go die in a hole and burn like the little wooden bitch you are. BURN in enternal hellfire! until you are dead!

Then go to hell

-Marrow "minniegun" Muscleman

(P.S I'm looking forward to seeing you tommorow)

Just wanna clear something up

You might have seen Marrows post and looked at his little silly game pic and gone "what a shitacular game"
Preferably you should have gone "OMFG BEST GAME EVARRRRR I RATE IT 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000KILLORAPS WHATS A KILLORAP? HELL IF I KNOW BUT IM JUST GONNA KEEP RANTING ANYWAY (points if you find out what im refering to there)
well guess what
all your praise
all your disdain and critisim
(P.S. Yeah Marrows MAKING the game and I came up with the idea but stilll...ITS MINE BITCH!)

-Cookiemancer, I love you all

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MS Paint is the New...Paper?

I spose your not wondering why did we swap from our totally badass colour scheme to this plain boring one. Well because here at Mandorm we like to do things like that...

Using my second favorite drawing tool MS Paint I have began devising the first comic for our series Razor Candy!

And In other MS Paint news:

King George!

-50+ levels of platforming fun

-Simplistic controls so even a child could play

-Epic boss battles

-Original music from my main man Muntron

-Every level is drawn in MS Paint and looks totally awesome

-200 kilorapps of laughter

We are in the alpha stages at the moment but as soon as we start the new comic we will get straight into working on our level desighn (50 levels is alot, and the boss battle will trake ages to code)

-Marrow "soft stuff in a bone" Rapposphere

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 30th Post

Well Its our 30th post on the blog. Happy occasion, now to get drunk and celebrate all night to find that your in a hospital bed next to a body bag thats slightly unzipped "F..fred...Is that you?". Of course you dont get an answer CUS HES DEAD, YOU KILLED YOUR BEST FREIND!

Oh and in other news we were forced to postpone Dr. Cucumber...We need to relentlessly hunt down a dirty hobo who has our script (We'll explain later)

So for this joyously depressing moment heres a song about how I'm feeling ( Click )

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blues&Muntron vs. Marrow&Cookie

If you didnt get muntrons little comic...I was the sun...yeah I know.

So I respond with this!


Dear god what is happening
Out of the depths a new terror rises
Out of the bedroom a dark messiah has come
Muntron and Marrow have nothing on me
Fear the COOKIEMANCER!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Marrow is better than Muntron 4.0

Evening Chaps and Chapettes,

Today Muntron and I decided that we hate eachother and wanted to hunt down and kill eachothers family and freinds. So instead of doing somthing drastic we decided to have a little comic duel, after decapitating all of Muntrons realatives I started work on...

THIS COMIC RIGHT HERE <== That one...see it?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here at Mandorm we like to throw stupid words that we probably made up around alot. In most of our delicious posts we usually use the word "Kilorapp" or "Kilorapps" proceeded by a numeracal value.

Your probably not wondering "What in gods name is a fucking Kilorapp"...Well asshole if you just kept reading the post you'll soon find out!

Kilorapp (Kill-Oh-Rap) adjective.

A form of measurment used in both the northern and southern hemisphere to measure the value of Rap a person or object posseses.

Millerapp, Centerapp and Megarapp are also used for this perpose, but not as often.

HAPPY? NO? Good...embrace your hatred, it will only drive you forward

Until next time...I'm Leonard Nimoy

-Chad Goodwin