Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here at Mandorm we like to throw stupid words that we probably made up around alot. In most of our delicious posts we usually use the word "Kilorapp" or "Kilorapps" proceeded by a numeracal value.

Your probably not wondering "What in gods name is a fucking Kilorapp"...Well asshole if you just kept reading the post you'll soon find out!

Kilorapp (Kill-Oh-Rap) adjective.

A form of measurment used in both the northern and southern hemisphere to measure the value of Rap a person or object posseses.

Millerapp, Centerapp and Megarapp are also used for this perpose, but not as often.

HAPPY? NO? Good...embrace your hatred, it will only drive you forward

Until next time...I'm Leonard Nimoy

-Chad Goodwin

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