Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MS Paint is the New...Paper?

I spose your not wondering why did we swap from our totally badass colour scheme to this plain boring one. Well because here at Mandorm we like to do things like that...

Using my second favorite drawing tool MS Paint I have began devising the first comic for our series Razor Candy!

And In other MS Paint news:

King George!

-50+ levels of platforming fun

-Simplistic controls so even a child could play

-Epic boss battles

-Original music from my main man Muntron

-Every level is drawn in MS Paint and looks totally awesome

-200 kilorapps of laughter

We are in the alpha stages at the moment but as soon as we start the new comic we will get straight into working on our level desighn (50 levels is alot, and the boss battle will trake ages to code)

-Marrow "soft stuff in a bone" Rapposphere

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