Saturday, July 25, 2009

A sweet blow job

Greetin'z freinds,

I once told a freind of mine (who will remain unnamed)
"steven, are you any good at coriagraphing fight scences?" to that he decided he would reply: "You mean choreograph?"

It was about that time he told Anwar and I of why he had been sitting in the basement for 5 days listening to death metal and screaming out celebrities names

Click ==> here <== to find out why!

Muntron "Anwizzle" Foshizzle cant have all the fun ;)

So thats all I have to say today, also kyle dont read the comic for your sake I made it a while ago!

-Randy "she" moose

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No milk

Love? BAH! who needs it?

What is love? love is a lie my freinds, love gives you false hope and makes you happy, but if the one you love does not feel the same way it destroys you! It makes you it's slave and tortures you, it makes you sick but you can never stop feeling for her so everything you do revolves around her, everything she does you try to figure out how it will affect her. You know she can never love you but you still gets jealous when she kisses him...and you feel angry when he is around...even if you dont know him! All you want is to see her happy but she takes no notice of you...that makes it worse.

Who needs love?


...I do...

It is almost impossible to escape loves grasp but in the end...whats the point? there is none...and you know don't give up on her.

So what I'm saying is: Don't give up on her...but dont try to make her love you

-Chad "Lovestruck" Havntpostedforawhile

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Heres some fucking vengence

well well well look whos on top now

He'll probably love it

Took me forever to get that shit up there

my main instrument will be child laughter

"I know, we'll be Ponies, and all we'll do is shit in each others mouths on stage."

Chad takes a dump on my face

Who's bitch of the month?

Is it gonna be Kyle?

Thought that was going to be a picture of Chad's limp dick

it's as scary as it sounds

Stop it, Stevesie