Monday, April 27, 2009

Yellow!?! Are you serious!!??!!

Evening chums,

Today i was overwhelmed when I recived my packet of m&ms. Oh yum, I thought to myself. Then I opened the packet...Then the shit hit the fan. THEY WERE ALL YELLOW! WHO THE FACK FILLS A PACKET OF M&Ms WITH YELLOW ONES!

I swear to god when i find the motherfucker that filled the packet up OF ALL YELLOW! I WILL RING HIS/HER NECK AND CHAINSAW THEIR FAMILY! I was so happy SO HAPPY!!! To get these m&ms AND THEY WERE FULL OF YELLOW!



Turns out that the one-coloured m&ms were for promotional reasons and they have them in many different clours aswell as yellow. Oh an m&ms are trade marked to MARS snackfood Australia <.<

My Bad

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Evil plan: Alpha Zeta-453

The curse has been lifted, very high, and I am now able to post all by myself. So in hounour of this occasion I have decided to hook you nice people up with 30.59 kilorapps of new concept art.
So heres the new/improved Dr. Cucumber. I want you all to comment on this post and tell me how many kilorapps you would put on the new desighn! Thanks.

-Chad "sextastic" Goodwin

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The saga continues...

ALAS I have returned from the prison death camp, loaded with new words to call people and many brusies from small balls of paint wrapped in a layer of plasitic that were shot at me from small guns. I shall start my perilous comic drawing adventure in the morn.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Final Script

Thats it, Its over it done

I was talking to muntron few days ago and I was all like
"Sup dawg hit me with 10 kiloraps of whats up with that script" and he replied
"Yo homie Iz jus finishin dizzat shiznit bout da scriptizzle now im donizzle, Fo shizzle"
Witch for some reason I understood as
"Ims am finerished with dat scwipt maaaaaan"

After a whole bunch of editing and days of forest hiking and dirty sandwiches, It's done and I plan to start the drawing very soon.
When I get back from trying to pick up chicks at a Young Mans Awarness Camp. Fo shizzle


Saturday, April 4, 2009

What really happened

its very obvious that muntron twisted the story a bit heres my character ref sheet and what really happened.

NAME: Leena Katt

JOB: Unemployed

SKILLS: Lenna weilds the power of a grat deamon, or maybe the deamon wields her?

BACKGROUND: Leenas family was killed during a horrific war, Ever since that day she felt the deamon grow, to weakto fight it. aneel had eventually taken a large majority of Leenas soul and is now able to release itself.

REASON FOR ENTERING: Leena had heard of a great deamon hunter/reaper known as Reen and is determined to find himso he can destroy the curse. But untill she finds him, shes using the curse as an advantage.

Here it is in in better 3-D than muntrons

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dr. Cucumber

After defeating the evil zorkan beast and saving many villagers from the shadowlord I finnaly decided on a perfect style. Thats right, we are finnaly going to start drawing the comic! How exiting. I'd show you the style but its very similar to the old one and Its all drawn on important documents that I cant bring home with me.

Ironic? I dont see how

-Chad (I'm going to start doing this now)