Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Final Script

Thats it, Its over it done

I was talking to muntron few days ago and I was all like
"Sup dawg hit me with 10 kiloraps of whats up with that script" and he replied
"Yo homie Iz jus finishin dizzat shiznit bout da scriptizzle now im donizzle, Fo shizzle"
Witch for some reason I understood as
"Ims am finerished with dat scwipt maaaaaan"

After a whole bunch of editing and days of forest hiking and dirty sandwiches, It's done and I plan to start the drawing very soon.
When I get back from trying to pick up chicks at a Young Mans Awarness Camp. Fo shizzle



  1. now then lets go back and read that post
    "pick up chicks at a Young Mans Awarness Camp"
    Young MANS! Awarness Camp
    enjoy being someones bitch buddy

  2. hahah your so stupid. I said pick up chicks, not guys and it was a joke. I wrote it on perpose. PEACE OUT

    -Sir Chad