Monday, April 27, 2009

Yellow!?! Are you serious!!??!!

Evening chums,

Today i was overwhelmed when I recived my packet of m&ms. Oh yum, I thought to myself. Then I opened the packet...Then the shit hit the fan. THEY WERE ALL YELLOW! WHO THE FACK FILLS A PACKET OF M&Ms WITH YELLOW ONES!

I swear to god when i find the motherfucker that filled the packet up OF ALL YELLOW! I WILL RING HIS/HER NECK AND CHAINSAW THEIR FAMILY! I was so happy SO HAPPY!!! To get these m&ms AND THEY WERE FULL OF YELLOW!



Turns out that the one-coloured m&ms were for promotional reasons and they have them in many different clours aswell as yellow. Oh an m&ms are trade marked to MARS snackfood Australia <.<

My Bad


  1. God, Chad. You're so stupid. They're selling yellow ones to celebrate asia week. MORON. Ugh, so stupid.

    You're such a racist.

  2. Well at least im not, A BOBBLEHEAD