Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Evil plan: Alpha Zeta-453

The curse has been lifted, very high, and I am now able to post all by myself. So in hounour of this occasion I have decided to hook you nice people up with 30.59 kilorapps of new concept art.
So heres the new/improved Dr. Cucumber. I want you all to comment on this post and tell me how many kilorapps you would put on the new desighn! Thanks.

-Chad "sextastic" Goodwin


  1. sextastic no...........thats a bird..fool

    but yay for the curse being lifted...long live the guy...who just posted....now lets burn a few irish witches for fun

  2. Uuum, thank you? But you did not vote for the art, no witch burning for YOU young man >:(