Saturday, April 4, 2009

What really happened

its very obvious that muntron twisted the story a bit heres my character ref sheet and what really happened.

NAME: Leena Katt

JOB: Unemployed

SKILLS: Lenna weilds the power of a grat deamon, or maybe the deamon wields her?

BACKGROUND: Leenas family was killed during a horrific war, Ever since that day she felt the deamon grow, to weakto fight it. aneel had eventually taken a large majority of Leenas soul and is now able to release itself.

REASON FOR ENTERING: Leena had heard of a great deamon hunter/reaper known as Reen and is determined to find himso he can destroy the curse. But untill she finds him, shes using the curse as an advantage.

Here it is in in better 3-D than muntrons