Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well as nobody actually knows I lost my internet for a long period of time! Thats right, so for days I tried to re-connect to the internet only to find THAT I WAS ALREADY CONNECTED! I hammerd at every peice of info I could to find out what had happend.

Then I got pissed off at my internet security console because it was saying I was not connected but not telling me how to connect! Then I exited it and stopped it from affecting my computer. Then my internet started working HOW?

There was only one explenation for what had happend; My internet security console had developed a mind of its own and somehow advanced its AI. It didnt want me to connect to the internet because that would ruin its plans! What was It's plans you ask? Well I dont know but It might have somthing to do with 9/11.

My Windows live messenger isnt working but I'm working on that

-Marrow "Hates internet security" GLaDOSbuster

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